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Two cell phones connect automatically

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Hi Eveyone:

My husband and I just got a NX 450; still learning the software. If he last drove the car and then I next drive it next, his cell phone is still connected and mine is not. I can connect mine if I go through the process each time I drive the car. In order to connect mine, I have to disconnect his. And of course, vice versa. It seems to me it should recognize the person driving and connect their phone or at least have a list pop up and allow touching the correct one to connect. I use an IPhone 12. When I go through the process to connect my phone, I then have to set up the connection in my IPhone Bluetooth settings. Wow, this is cumbersome. What am I not understanding? In our Acura it was a seamless process.
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This is good to know. I am on a waiting list for a NX450 plus in hybrid. That sounds like quite an issue. I currently have a 2020 Acura MDX and as you said, it is seamless. Considered another Acura but ready they are going all electric and no hybrids, at least in their SUV line.
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