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Top Gear Director Working on Lexus NX 300h Commercials

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Konrad Begg is the creative director behind Top Gear UK. That makes him a pretty cool guy, who does pretty cool work. The good news is that he will be directing some Lexus NX 300h commercials, so I'm expecting them to be quite funny, just like Top Gear UK.

Shooting for the new commercials started earlier this month with Madrid, Spain. The location was chosen for its special architecture and the way sunlight bounces between buildings. We probably won't see the commercials on tv for another month or two.

WE don't have any video of the NX commercial yet, but you can see here what Begg did with his commercial for the Lexus IS 300h F Sport.

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Now that's what im talking about, seems like they really want to connect with the enthusiast, great move Lexus!
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