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At least Autoguide thinks the 2016 Lexus NX 300h has the best backseats in its segment.

Most people may overlook this feature when shopping for a luxury crossover but not Craig Cole. Before we get to the more technical side of those seats, let’s take a minute to admire the upholstery options that you can choose from like perforated leather that comes in both black and crème, or you can choose one of the other three nuluxe trims. No matter which color or material you choose, the rear seats will have ample head and legroom for friends who are six-feet and up.

To make these seats even better, shoppers can choose to include power folding and reclining seatbacks for an additional $400. With this feature, you will be able to fold the seats down with a push of a button. This can be done from the cargo area switches or from the driver’s seat via a set of switches located on the dashboard. It’s perfect for when you’re trying to load large items and are unable to juggle things around to manually lower the seats.

Another bonus is the reclining feature. No longer will your rear passengers have to recline with clunky levers, they can now easily recline or move their seat upright with a toggle switch.

Even if you decide not to go for the power folding and seat package, the Lexus NX 300h will still offer you around 54 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded down.

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