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TFL reviews the 2015 Lexus NX F-Sport and gives it good grades

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TFL has come out with its first drive review of the Lexus NX F-Sport, and though the vehicle doesn't get a perfect review, on most counts it impresses.

First, let's mention the complaints about the Lexus NX. There is not much headroom in the front seat, and there is little visibility through the back window mostly due to the diminutive size of the rear window. These are both problems that can be pretty annoying and aren't very easy to fix.

As far as the more performance based aspects of the NX, TFL gives them good marks. The engine gets compliments, and a special shout out is given to the sound augmentation system that Lexus put in which makes you're engine sound even bigger than it really is. The ride is very smooth, rolling over bumps without shaking you up too much.

TFL gives the interior an excellent review. Things are laid out in a way that makes sense and looks good. We don't get too many details, but TFL seems to really, really like the interior.

Some may be nervous that the LExus NX is just an upmarket version of the RAV4, but that is not the case. 90% of the parts for the NX are specifically for the NX, and not directly from the RAV4.

So how does the NX stack up to competitors? It seems like it can hold its own and at least challenge all of the other vehicles in this segment. It's probably better than the X3, it can challenge the Q5, and it's definitely better than the Cadillac SRX.

The F-SPort package seems like it might be more of a trim level than a real performance upgrade for the NX as the suspension stiffening isn't that noticeable.

Finally, as far as who this car would be good for, TFL is thinking a young couple just out o professional school, or even a smaller family that is a bit older.

Check out the TFL review below to hear more detail on the NX, and stay tuned for an even more detailed review coming from TFL in the future.

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He didn't seem to know the F sport had paddle shifters, would have been nice if he had tested it to see the response time. Also the F package adds AWD and shaves 0.2 secs off the 0-60, by being more aggressive off the line, which is a good thing.
They are going to do a more in-depth review later where they take it up to Colorado, so maybe they will talk more about that in that review.

The thing I was most disappointed to hear about was the kind of cramped cabin. Being 6'2", that can be a real problem for me.
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