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Solar Flare NX 200t

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Still unsure as to if this is a wrap, or if it's paint. The door jambs look amazing, but people are getting really good at wrapping so it's hard to tell. Especially when it comes to doing a big job for SEMA 2016.

Nonetheless, here's a Solar Flare NX 200t and to say it's in your face would be an understatement.

I do like the blacked out trim and tinted lighting though, I just can't really bring myself to love the colour.

What about you ?

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I would only want that color on a much sleeker vehicle. That's way too much for a big SUV such as this one. The contrast of the black and orange does look great, just not for me at all. Put all of the black accents on a white base and I'll be good. Or maybe even a matte black NX with the gloss black accents and tinted lights.
Not a bad look but it's too much orange, lower portions of the NX can use black and even carbon fiber trim, carbon fiber preferably since that will really do the NX some justice. Even some universal carbon fiber front and side splitters will help and you can buy them right now, no need to wait on something specific to the NX.
I think.. if everything was black, and they had maybe even a Solar Flare orange pinstriping going around the bottom, with the carbon splitters, that would look really nice. Exotic, aggressive, and still has that touch of colour.

The complete Solar Flare is just too over-powering
For reference, black accents like what we're seeing here with the Eau Rouge Q50 is what I want to see and is easy to accomplish here with a front bumper design that's a bit different:

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That is ideal. The black front lip, black grill, black side skirts, black hood vents just to break up that vast red body panel, and a black roof because they just look great all the time.

A setup like that would look great with any color base. Could even go a step further and tint the headlights. Even this works the same way : Sorry can't post links yet :(
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