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Remote Touch Controller

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So I believe it is safe to assume that when the production NX does show its face it will be using the latest iteration of Lexus' remote touch interface. It seems like the RC F sport at Geneva has let a new development out of the bag regarding Remote Touch...

Notice the difference? Back button, AW YEAA... Also notice the menu button has migrated to where the direction arrows used to be. I do hope that the touch scroll has been improved and thats the reason the arrows have been forgone, because those arrows were quite handy...
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I'm sure that this new iteration of the remote touch controller will be easier to use. Does anyone have some experience using that last one? Did you have any problems with it?
Im just happy that they actually decided to take this idea to production.
from what I've heard the last remote touch had a back button embedded into the scroll wheel kind of like the BMW's. Keep in mind that is only what I have heard...
Good to know, i guess its far more simple than I originally thought.
I think its a good idea to have this type of control instead of or as well as a touch screen. I think that you can control the screen easier with the remote touch controller while keeping your eyes on the road.

I am excited to try it out since I haven't seen one of these in person before. Does anyone actually have experience with this controller?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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