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purchase 2015 NX 200t with invoice price($33266), is it good?

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Actually, my current CRV works well and I have no plan to replace it. However, the new NX 200t is so cool than I decide to change my plan... My budget is limited and I focus on the basic 200t FWD model. I checked 200t prices shared by others from and one local dealer matches this price.
When negotiate in person, the dealer told me that their invoice price is $33500 and no more discounts. I found that the invoice price from different websites are different and I don't know which one is trustable.
I am in NY. if anyone just purchased a basic 200t FWD model, could you share your opinions about this price? is it a real invoice price of NY dealers?
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Thanks, I got it last week.
I bet if you were to approach them months from now they'll be easier on pricing since they'll be trying to get rid of 2015 year model NX's
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