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NX450h+ using 12v batt either to jump a car or run tire inflator

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New here. Glad to be aboard.
Recent purchase of a 2024 NX450h+ and trying to learn all the subtle issues-
I certainly don’t want to do something to harm the electrical system in any way.
I am wondering if the 12v battery can be used for either jumping another car or perhaps attaching alligator clips to a small tire inflator compressor; both for emergency use only.
There are two ways to approach this- leave the car off, and I believe the DC-DC converter is not charging the 12v battery so no harm can come to it- but the risk of course is the 12v battery by itself may not be able to deal with the current drain. The other is to have the car in ‘ready’ mode- the HV battery is now charging the 12v battery. Current would not be an issue.
Any danger doing it the second way? I am sure there are very knowledge people here that might have an answer to this.
I have read over on the Prius forum they think it is no problem but on a utube site (Weber) he mentioned you never should use a plug in hybrid to jump another car.
Conflicting info out there-
any help appreciated
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Lexus does not recommend to use hybrid battery to jump another vehicle. It's better to use a battery jumper instead. The NX450h+ has a small battery. If you need to use the tire inflator, have the car in ready mode to use 12V accessories.
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