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NX300h and NX200t Performance Tested.

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Motor Trend does their thing...

Here’s the big takeaway: While not an athlete, the NX is still a pretty groovy little trucklette, never mind the hybrid version that will only account for 10 percent of total sales.

Going up against the Q5, the NX is a little less expensive and, of course, comes with that unbeatable Lexus reputation for longevity — something that Audi simply doesn’t have. The looks of the Lexus are absolutely polarizing, but that only means half the people will love it.

Combine the above with a luxurious, high-tech cockpit and I think Lexus will be doing even more numbers-fiddling than it already has. Do you disagree? Put another way, would you bet against the NX? Not me, man. Not me.
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I have to say... out in the wild, kicking up a cloud of sure looks awesome, and being in black.. that probably helps :D
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