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Who Will Sell Most?

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Shortly Lincoln and Lexus will have new products in the ultra competitive compact CUV segment. This segment is already crowded with German premiums, and the popular RDX.

My question is which do you think will sell more, or a better question, which one will appeal to shoppers in superior fashion? Will it be the Escape based MKC or the RAV4 Based NX?

Keep in mind that Escape and RAV4 regularly battle it out for the top volume spot. Escape is actually the size leader moving about 24,000 units per month, contrasted to the RAV4's 21,000...

So who wins, Lexus or Lincoln?
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Never liked lincoln and fords, and will continue to buy Japanese. Lexus NX it is.
Well Lexus was just rated as having the best reliability in the world. I think that will go a long way considering Ford's reliability hasn't been great. Lexus also has a better dealership network and a larger loyal customer base. It'll be a battle but I think that the Lexus brand is held in higher esteem than Lincoln.
dont usually care for lincoln but the new mkc is a nice looking car
dont usually care for lincoln but the new mkc is a nice looking car
A lot of Lincoln's new vehicles are nice. The MKZ is pretty good looking too. The Navigator is nice for what it is. Its still going to take a number of years and models before Lincoln can reclaim the reputation that it once had. I think its the reputation that is the biggest barrier to sales for Lincoln right now. They are walking on broken glass, so to speak.
Also this being a Lexus forum... i don't expect to see the poll move much on the MKC.
lol.. give credit where its due
the MKC is a nice looking SUV
I'll give it credit for looking good and better than anything before it in a small class, not sure what others will think though
its based on the ford escape and on all accounts that looks pretty good
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