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Hi All:
Just leased a Matador Red NX200T with all of the options. Delivery is tomorrow and I am excited about it. This replaces a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO that got totalled. Quite different but as I am getting older, comfort is becomming more important. That plus I now have 2 classic cars when I want to have fun.

My wife hates red yet she chose the red NX over a silver GS. Never thought I would see the day. Still surprises me after 47 years.:)

Simsbury, CT
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Welcome Larry and congrats on your new purchase. Hope to be getting my white nx with red interior by the end of the month! :D Don't forget to post pics of your new baby when you get it!
Looking forward to seeing some pics. Fingers crossed this car won't meet the same fate as your Taurus. Let us know what your classic cars are as well.

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