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Car was bought at the end of December. I complained repeatedly to the dealer that I can't see when there is any preciptiation and the blades ice up. I've never experienced this before and have driven in much worse conditions than this past winter. I literally had to stop on the highway half the time and shake off snow and ice. Standing on the side of the road as cars slide by is not ideal. Again, never happened...even in much older cars. Finally this weekend another dealer told me there was an attachment missing in both the blades! The other dealers kept saying we don't see it (of course, it wasn't raining or snowing that day) and that there must have been debris. Anyone experiencing this? Go to your dealer and let them know some part is missing! i'll post the name when I get the invoice.

MPG - I have yet to see even 29. The highest I have seen is 28 and I have been driving in eco and like you're suppose to drive a hybrid. Dealer said it's winter so its normal. Until I saw someone with an RX Hybrid with their mpg much higher. And then I saw a regular RX which had similar gas milage to mine. And I saw posts on threads of other peopl with their NXs and 35-40 mpg pics! Anyone else?

Heated seats: I realized this was a problem from day one. Only the bottom now heats up. In all other cars that Lexus has, the back heats up. Heck my cousin's Hyndai heats up the back of the seat. To pay extra to have these and they just do 1/2 the job? Anyone else?

I'm just very unhappy with all of these issues as I expected more from our previous experiences. And then to be given the pushback? I think my car might be a dud of the group or something?

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I hope your wiper blade problems get fixed. I would not expect you to get good mileage in cold weather, especially in a hybrid. See this site for reasons why.
As for the RX, were they driving in the same conditions you were? Did you actually talk with the owners or was it something you saw on the web? I would take it off econ and see what it does to your mileage.
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