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NX Commercial from Japan

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I believe this is the first commercial period for the NX...

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It sucked, they drove two of them through mud and foam, what's that supposed to show, that new cars can get dirty too?
Here is some background on the commercial:

See the wild Lexus NX spot too retro for outside Japan

Drifting cars, techno music, string bikinis and foam parties. At first glance, Lexus’ new “Shampoo” TV spot seems tailor-made for the trendy young crowd the luxury brand craves.

But the brilliant, visually enticing commercial for the new NX compact crossover won’t air stateside. It’s a Japan-only pitch that Lexus execs deemed too retro for beyond these shores.

Blame it on the foam party, that turn-of-the-century (21st century, that is) Eurotrash fad from the nightclubs of Ibiza.

While now a cringe-worthy memory for most hipsters in the U.S. and Europe, foam parties still carry currency in Japan. Or so, at least, hopes the spot’s creator, Japan ad giant Dentsu Inc.

“Apparently they are becoming popular here,” Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International, said Tuesday at a foam-themed NX kickoff event beneath Tokyo Tower.

The glitzy gala played host to a crowd of under-30 Tokyo trendsetters, from upstart opera divas and too-cool disc jockeys to pink-haired traditional Japanese calligraphy artists.

Outside, under the wrought iron, orange-and-white legs of mammoth Tokyo Tower, Lexus set up an obstacle course-cum-car wash to show off the NX’s potential. Professional race drivers gave visitors a spin through its metal ramps and foamy shower.

The Lexus “Shampoo” commercial is cool mainly because of its anchor sequence, which depicts two racing NX crossovers drifting and spinning through a tarmac smothered in snowy bubbles.

The goal: Underscore the car’s performance credentials, Templin said. In the U.S. and Europe, by contrast, the NX message will focus more on the car’s edgy design, he added.

For starters, the European creative will feature American rapper While Templin offered no details of the U.S. ad plan, marketers there may use the Euro version.

The NX hits U.S. showrooms in November.
Foam party to sell the NX. I guess as long as it works there is no shame. It's really not the best way to sell a car that I have seen before. Who drives their car through a foam party anyway?
you guys would do well to remember that the Japanese market is enticed in nearly diametric ways to North America and Europe. Notice how the actors are not Japanese and their activities, as outlined in NXorables post, are very European/Whiteboy Culture. Oh and they didnt drive THROUGH a foam party, they drove TO a foam party...
I'm liking the way Lexus goes about it's marketing, very interesting content, sure does get me engaged and interested in what's going on.
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