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NX Appraisals?

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Hello Everyone,

Curious to learn if anyone has had their NX appraised recently.

We have decided to trade our NX later this year for a '17 RX now that it is available in Atomic Silver (best color!). We love our NX, but want to return to an RX for the extra room, cargo space and V6 smoothness.

Out of curiousity while visiting our dealer for an oil change I asked them about the value of our NX. they said it was worth about $26,000. That was a shock since using various online calculators the value always comes up as being between $31,000 - $33,000.

Wondering if anyone else has had their NX appraised and what value they have received. I'm guessing our dealer is playing games since they have been selling similar'15s for $36k so I will visit the competitor's store in the future.

2015 NX200t FWD
Atomic Silver/Creme
Non F-Sport, Non-Nav, has most the remaining packages/options
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If you ask a dealer, they'll assume that you want to trade in or sell and they'll usually undercut you so they can get a higher profit margin when they sell it to someone else. Haven't heard of anyone appraising their NX yet.

Which online calculators are you using?
I typically don't see people getting new vehicles appraised but the dealership will always tell you a ridiculously undercut price because they're trying to bank on that. To get the full proper value, check out sites like autotrader and what not that give you the average pricing and move within that. Private sale will be the way to go to get the most out of it. If you don't mind losing between $5-$10k go with the dealer and save the time and efforts.
I used KBB (which the Lexus dealer site linked me to, Truecar etc.
I used KBB (which the Lexus dealer site linked me to, Truecar etc.
Cross referencing it through sources like that is always a good idea. Seen a lot of people use them. At least with this information out there it will give some members here options other than the local Lexus dealership. has a residual value calculator, but I have not ide how accurate it is. Still a good reference point to compare to other calculations to find an average.
Nice post and thanks for sharing this thread.
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