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New TV commercial.

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I was watching TV this morning (local ch) and saw a commercial about all the hybrid models Lexus had to offer and the NX 300 was there, in mercury gray, looking good, anyone else saw it?
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Just found it:

Can see it at 13-15 secs and 23.

Nothing spectacular, but since there isn't much to talk about:(

One would think that since this is new and great looking, they would have put it on a pedestal at the end to get people's attention, but they didn't, if I hadn't known about the NX I wouldn't even have noticed it.
Ah I don't think the point of the spot was to push the NX. There will be specific NX spots no doubt. But in that present company (aside from the CT) the NX (I assume) is the lowest margin...
It's a decent ad, but like said above this isn't really to push it.

However i do expect them to do put things out there to really push the NX, all in due time, they want it to be one of their best sellers so i'm sure they will do all they can to make that the case.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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