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Hello, just registered today. Looking to replace my RX this year and the NX just might do. Looking forward to learning more about it.
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Welcome to the forum @avocado.

Why are you thinking of the NX instead of another RX? Looking to down size?
Welcome to the forum/

What year RX do you own and how long have you had it for?
Have you already inquired at your dealer about the NX?
Thanks for the welcome. I have a 2004 RX since 2007. I like the size of it - not too long or wide. I like that three adults with ski gear can fit inside and it is a comfortable ride. Oh, and my wife can put animal traps in the back, laying flat. I'm looking for better mileage as most of my daily driving is in the city, under three miles one way. If I get the hybrid, I might be able to double my city mileage consumption. So I'm not looking to go too small (already crossed out the M-B GLK250 for being too small). The NX seems to spec out 3 inches shorter than my RX, so depending how the cargo area is designed, I may not give-up much usable space.

A dealer contacted me after I clicked the interest button to Lexus. They are accepting a $1000 refundable deposit. I'm planning on doing this as soon as the dealer and I can connect. I'll be measuring the interior at the LA Auto Show in Nov. I'll decide then if a serious test drive is warranted.
Be careful...the NX has very good space in the backseat...but that is only because the cargo space is heavily compromised! Cargo space in NX is not its strong point.
Looking forward to your review of the NX once you get it since it's sort of like a succesor to the RX, since the RX is going a bit upsegment.

the deposit is a bit high but i'm also not too surprised they're charging that much.
just wondering if that's what all dealers will be charging.
I saw somewhere that someone else put down the same amount at a Canadian Lexus dealer. I look at it this way. Interest on $1000 at a bank for four months might amount to a good cup of Java. Going to the Lexus dealer a couple of times I can drink bad coffee and eat whatever food is available and view new cars.
that's what i like about high end dealerships, the lounge some of them have is awesome, really makes you feel at home, easy way to deal with that coffee issue is to just stop off at a starbucks on your way :D
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