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New Lexus NX Sport

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This looks pretty nice. Nothing too crazy to make it sporty but, it received a little flair.

Black 18in alloy wheels
Black wing mirror housings
Blacked-out front spindle grille
Black grille frame

Silver inserts
Choice of leather-effect upholstery finished in black or a Sport-Only fabric

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Interesting to see a "mini SUV" coming from Lexus. Nothing is going to beat the RX500 for me though. Despite the immense amount of finances that it took to purchase that car, it was a ride above. If this mini is anything like that, I foresee a lot of the new car buyers going to flock to this model!
Oh I definitely see this being chewed up by the new car buyers and people entering the luxury suv game. It seems to me that it'll dominate. Right amount of sportiness, all of the little toys our techy generation would love as well.
Those wheels just don't cut it for me. Looks like they belong on the IS, not the RX. We need something a more aggressive and complementary to the NX's design. An aggressive weave pattern would be it in my opinion, in for hearing what other people have to say about this.
I don't think those wheels would fly on the IS either to be honest. I think these mght work. What kind of weave pattern would you say ?

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Not exactly weave but the LFA Nurburgring and F Sport RX have wheels along the lines of what I might want to add:

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