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Navigation system

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I have a 2019 NX300 which I love with one exception. The navigation system does not consistently work.
1.I can ask for a list of pizza places nearby. It will say there are no pizza restaurant nearby and I can be parked in front of a pizza place.
2.If I ask it to call Tom's mobile number, it will say Tom has no mobile number. It shows me a list of 3 telephone numbers and says which of these numbers
do you want to call and 1 of them is the mobile number.
3. If I ask for directions to 123 ABC Street, it will change the radio station.
These are only s sample of the things that might go wrong. They happen when someone else is driving my car - not just my issue. And sometimes, it all works just fine.

The mechanics have seen all these issues and more, but they don't know what is wrong. Has anyone had similar problems on the NX with their navigation system?
How did you get it to work properly?
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