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Mitsubishis NX...

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Front kinda seems like a cross between the NX and the HRV.

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That's one good-looking CRV. what year model is it?
Hrv 2016

Title says it all
Is that a Mitsubishi concept or the production model though? The roofline is very sporty and the front is quite styled for a production model. I like it, but I am curious if we know if its the final production model.
This is just how things are with every era of vehicles, they all have some similar things going on. Just be thankful that Lexus went about designing the NX in such a way its unique and helps further define the brand.
I'm glad that Lexus is happy to be a trend setter and to take risks. I appreciate confident moves like that. Some car companies make such boring cars. By trying to appeal to everyone they end up appealing to no one.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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