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Lexus to Debut New Luxury Design Concept in Tokyo

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Lexus has published a teaser for its new luxury design concept which will premier in Tokyo later this month.

It comes after an announcement made earlier this month about a new design concept that aims to offer a first glimpse at the company’s “vision of progressive luxury” which makes us believe the vehicle will actually preview the much-awaited next generation LS full-size sedan due to go on sale sometime next year.
We really only know from this teaser that there will be a slim headlight with a triple layout above LED daytime running lights. We can also expect a spindle grille, large alloy wheels and a cabin with few physical buttons.

See it in all its glory October 28th.
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They speculate that the new model may come with a 465 bhp V8 gasoline engine and there could be a hybrid version of it too.
Highly likely to have the Lexus signature grille.
With all the talk that has been happening around the next LS combined with what we're seeing here, which seems to be a long hood, wide headlights, wide grille...that's just about ALL it can be. Would be surprised if it's anything else.
It will be interesting to see how the LS riffs off of the standard Lexus design language. It will certainly be some things that we expect, but it also will be different. Looks like the headlight is a bit different from other things we have seen. I'd expect a slight difference with the grille too.
One important thing to point out is this LS concept might show design cue's we'll see on the Lexus Coupe that's set to come soon.
I love Lexus' aggressive design these days.
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I love Lexus' aggressive design these days.
Same here.

There was a bit of concern for how this design will turn out but so far it's just about perfect to me.

They change the grille a bit with every model, so seeing how that changes with the LS is what i'm most interested in, expecting something big, wide and bold.
It's nice to see companies taking risks. And its also nice to see designs that perhaps won't appeal to everyone, but often when you try to please everyone, you please no one. It's not about being the German brands, its about being something else that is different, but just as good.
Lexus should add more angles to their production designs. Those front and rear lights would look great on a sedan.
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