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Lexus Teaser Shows Us... Nothing?

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Lexus has released a new teaser image in advance of the North American International Auto Show next week.Though I think Lexus may not quite get what a teaser is because there is precisely 0 relevant things on display in the image. All there are are skid s on the road.

Most likely this car will be the LS 500 which will be based on the LF-LC concept.

We will know exactly what this is when Lexus shows us on January 11th, the first preview day of the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.
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Well, if they're going to show it in all it's glory next week, why release a teaser so close to that date? Probably something that can do burnouts like those skid marks.
^ You're kind of right. Lexus revealed the LC 500 at the Detroit auto show. It's going to start at just under $100,000 and with that price you get a 10-speed automatic car with a 467-horsepower 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V8 engine.

Hot car!

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Ultimately, do you think that it was a more effective teaser than one that actually shows some actual part of the vehicle?
Either teaser method works. I assume the whole point of these are to make the person seeing it think and it worked, at least on me.
The LC500 is indeed very sexy, can't find one fault with the exterior but unfortunately, that will most likely be toned down int he production model.

Yea there will be some toning down for sure. I am thinking things like the silver around the headlights, taillights and exhaust pipes. The headlights will see some revision in design. Anything else you guys would expect?
Ultimately, do you think that it was a more effective teaser than one that actually shows some actual part of the vehicle?
More effective because it gets people talking more than just seeing what they`re getting. Especially when you consider all that was going on at the time and what hints someone can get from that picture. All of that combined fuels discussions.
That's true. A teaser kinda limits the discussion to the small part that is shown, while a more vague image like Lexus used lets people be a lot more imaginative.
I like that teaser. When I first seen it, it really got the imagination boggling. It makes you think and want to find out more. Kinda gets you on the edge of your seat wondering what it's about. But I really think it's very possible for the LC500 to come out with exactly what's shown. There's nothing too over the top that's there to be toned down. It all mends very well together
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