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Lexus Quashes Rumors of Sub-NX Crossover

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The NX is as small as it is going to get for now. Lexus Australia boss Sean Hanley stated, "At the moment we have no plans of anything sub-NX.”

Many competitors have created even smaller CUVs. There is the BMW X1, AUdi Q3 and Mercedes GLA.

Toyota will debut the C-HR Concept's production model soon. And that could later become a Lexus model.

Would you guys consider something smaller than the NX?
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I highly doubt I can do with anything smaller than the NX and not sure what something sub-NX will be like. Plus I have a feeling it might thin out their efforts to much, taking away from the NX. But it's probably them trying to target the Germans.
There seems to be a drive these days to come out with really compact cars but at some point they become too small for general use. The Lexus NX is a good size as is for a compact SUV.
Only reason why it is a conversation is because of other brands doing it. Those cars are very small. People are buying them, but I think that it might be a fad. I am feeling the crossover thing coming to a peak in the near future.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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