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Lexus Planning New Range-Topping SUV or Crossover

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Lexus is developing a new flagship vehicle that will likely be a SUV or a crossover. Lexus Division General Manager Jeff Bracken told reporters this week that Lexus is planning the launch of a second high-end vehicle.

"It doesn't have to be a sedan," Bracken said, igniting speculation as to what form the new model will take. SUVs and crossovers are hot. Truck-based SUVs can still be quite successful, as Land Rover and Cadillac have proven, but Lexus only plays in the high-end space with the soon-to-be-replaced LX and the division is already scrambling to add more rows to its existing crossovers in an effort to fill gaps in its lineup.
This could also be a hint towards a production version of the Lexus LF-LC coupe.

Whatever it is, it will be revealed in January.
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Sort of seen this coming, they want to compete with the Germans or at least act as a great alternative, slotting in a vehicle into a segment Germans already see potential in should play well for Lexus, even infiniti if that's something they're interested in.
Lexus is already coming out with the NX so another SUV should be more feasible than a crossover.
Lexus is already coming out with the NX so another SUV should be more feasible than a crossover.
Plus don't forget about the new RX which moved up in size from what it was once originally.
Both options are possible but they will need to move again from the current designs a new flagship so that it doesn't look like their current models. Though I highly doubt they'll come out with a new hybrid any time soon. Lexus expected that less than 10 percent of NX customers will choose the hybrid so why go that route again?
I'm thinking that it will be an Escalade fighter.
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