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Lexus Partnered With Suits For Five Seasons

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Some of you are probably already aware of this but I have just recently discovered that Lexus has been partnered with the USA drama suits for all five seasons.

Not sure if the Lexus NX was on the show at any point and I don't think I would watch all five season again just to try and spot it but Lexus' advertisement partnership seems to have been effective so far.

According to AdWeek 'Suits' has boosted the Lexus brand awareness by 22%. Lexus has even incorporated Patrick Adams into one of their ads:

Statistics aside, do you think their advertisement campaign with Suits is effective or should they follow Mercedes Benz and go with the Jurassic World method?
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It's less of an advertising campaign, and more of product placement. It's the future of advertising. The lawyers have to be driving something, why not a Lexus?

I don't think the NX has made an appearance. The nature of the show makes Lexus' more high end models a more likely sight.

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So the raised awareness is more geared towards Lexus' high end sedans and coupes.
I'll probably pay more attention to the cars in the drama now and see if Lexus' product placement is similar to Jurassic world's more 'in your face' method.
I love Suits, but i also find it funny. Lawyers in Suits spend their time ambushing people on the street and serving them affidavits or something. Not the reality as I understand it.

The Lexuses usually appear when Harvey arrives or leaves the office. He owns a Lexus I suppose. Associating it with the biggest, baddest lawyer in New York is probably a pretty good idea in my opinion.
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