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Lexus NX vs Mercedes GLK: Dimensions

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Ostensibly the NX is better suited to rival the GLA, but you know what the GLK may actually be a better benchmark..


Wheelbase (in.)
NX: 104.7
GLK: 108.5

Overall Length (in.)
NX: 182.3
GLK: 178.3

Overall Width (in. with mirrors folded)
NX: 73.6
GLK: 74.3

Overall Height (in.)
NX: 64.8
GLK: 66.9

Track—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 62.2/62.2
GLK: 60.1/62.5

Ground Clearance (in.)
NX: 6.9
GLK: 7.9


Total Interior Room (cu. ft.)
NX: 71.7
GLK: 102.9

Headroom—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 38.2/38.1, 37.4/38.0 (with moonroof)
GLK: 39.0/39.7

Legroom—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 42.8/36.1
GLK: 41.4/35.1

Shoulder Room—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 57.3/55.3
GLK: 55.2/55.4

Cargo Room—Rear Seat Up (cu. ft.)3
GLK: 16.5

Cargo Room—Rear Seat Down (cu. ft.)3
GLK: 54.7
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Not bad at all, looks like they come in close enough to make not too much of a difference to buyers, but I can see some people finding the MB to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to headroom.
Cargo capacity with seats up still sucks for both.
Yeah unfortunately, hopefully poeople are fully aware of what they're getting into when they get these.
NX more sporty, but GLK is more capable with a better AWD system. Diesel model has appeal. But, GLK is also significantly more expensive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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