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Ostensibly the NX is better suited to rival the GLA, but you know what the GLK may actually be a better benchmark..


Wheelbase (in.)
NX: 104.7
GLK: 108.5

Overall Length (in.)
NX: 182.3
GLK: 178.3

Overall Width (in. with mirrors folded)
NX: 73.6
GLK: 74.3

Overall Height (in.)
NX: 64.8
GLK: 66.9

Track—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 62.2/62.2
GLK: 60.1/62.5

Ground Clearance (in.)
NX: 6.9
GLK: 7.9


Total Interior Room (cu. ft.)
NX: 71.7
GLK: 102.9

Headroom—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 38.2/38.1, 37.4/38.0 (with moonroof)
GLK: 39.0/39.7

Legroom—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 42.8/36.1
GLK: 41.4/35.1

Shoulder Room—Front/Rear (in.)
NX: 57.3/55.3
GLK: 55.2/55.4

Cargo Room—Rear Seat Up (cu. ft.)3
GLK: 16.5

Cargo Room—Rear Seat Down (cu. ft.)3
GLK: 54.7

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Not bad at all, looks like they come in close enough to make not too much of a difference to buyers, but I can see some people finding the MB to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to headroom.
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