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Lexus NX vs BMW X3

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Here is AutoExpress's take. Any thoughts on the BMW X3 everyone? They preferred the X3.

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I also notice they compared the 300h to an X3 2.0d

On paper, the Lexus’ CVT gearbox promises to maximise performance and efficiency by using its theoretically limitless ratios to always be in the right gear at the right time. Yet in the real world, it can’t match the BMW’s eight-speed auto for response, refinement and control.
thats a symptom of the hybrid and a major skew, but they won't tell you that...

The comments on AE are fantastic as well I might add AHAHAAA
Bold looks and extremely competitive Benefit in Kind bills are the new NX’s main calling cards. It’s also beautifully built and loaded with standard equipment. Yet the newcomer is undermined by its lacklustre hybrid powerplant, uninspiring handling and poor fuel economy. And despite its raised ride height and four-wheel-drive layout, the Lexus has extremely limited off-road ability.

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I don't think that the NX's off road capability really matters that much. I'm disappointed to hear about the handling and fuel economy, but I still think that those criticisms may be pretty harsh. The NX seems to be a great and competitive vehicle. It's only criticisms are there because it is being compared to the X3 IMO. On its own it would get a better review.
decent review of the two of these, thanks for posting.
I think that some people will choose the NX simply because it isn't a BMW. Everyone and their mother has a BMW these days.
Does anyone know when NX200t will be released? Just wondering why they don't choose NX200t and X3 for head to head test, if so, they may preferred NX200t.
Does anyone know when NX200t will be released? Just wondering why they don't choose NX200t and X3 for head to head test, if so, they may preferred NX200t.
I think its the same reason they chose the X3d, Europe craves efficiency. It does end up skewing the conclusion however, IMO at least...
I have driven both pretty recently. I love the way the X3 handles, it is simply sportier to drive bottom line. If I was was racing on a track I would choose the X3. It also has more cargo room.

For real life I think the NX 200t is the choice. The seats are about the best I've experienced in terms of combining both comfort and support. The car is still fun to drive but a notch towards comfort vs the X3. The back seats are nearly as nice as the front, rare in a small SUV. This will be an easy highway trip car but still a definite step up from say a RAV4 on backroads where you can do some driving.

The clincher for me, as someone who likes quality but has a frugal side that pushes me to keep my cars for a long time, is the expected long-term reliability. If I was a serial 3 year leaser it would be a tough choice, but as a buy and hold person the Lexus is my choice.
I found this video (produced by Lexus) that compares the NX to the X3. Obviously, they claim the NX is better and they do give some fairly good arguments why. Of course some of what they talk about comes down to personal opinion or preference. A number of the pros for the NX are standard features that you have to pay extra for on the X3.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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