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Lexus NX Leaked from Presentation

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The production Lexus LF-NX made an appearance during a presentation given at the SAA Automotive Outlook Conference by Toyota’s CEO Jim Lentz.

Lentz gave a preview of upcoming models from the Lexus brand, including the new RC coupe and RC-F models. In between the two, Lentz spoke about the LF-NX crossover, which will be powered by Lexus’ first turbocharged engine.

The LF-NX that makes an appearance in the presentation slide is much more conservative than the LF-NX concept we’ve seen in the past. In fact, much of its styling appears production ready, hinting that the LF-NX could certainly make its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show as it has been rumored.
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lets wait and see if this was really a leak.

lexus obviously wanted that photo there.
^ I agree. There's no way this was a "mistake" this was intentional, every bit of it.
"Oh, how did that get in there?!"

I hope that they make the grille with the fishnet like mesh instead of the horizontal silver bars like in the "leaked" photo.
Yea I like the regular spindle grill

Dont like the silver bars either.
Yea I like the regular spindle grill

Dont like the silver bars either.
they have a few different spindle grille designs, whats the one you're talking about?
I like the one from the concept.
i think the closest one to that in production is the F-Sport grille that has a pattern made up of a bunch of Lexus L's
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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