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Lexus managed to get NX Chief Engineer, Takeaki Kato to answer questions the public had about the NX. See the responses he had below!

Before the Beijing Auto Show began, we asked for your questions about the new Lexus NX. Chief Engineer of the NX, Takeaki Kato, picked 10 of them and is answering two each day until April 25th!

ENGINEERING STORIES: THE NX - Introduction from Takeaki Kato

Day 1:

Noel Farrugia: How is the new turbo engine and is there something really cool about it that makes it stand out?

TAKEAKI AUTO: We worked hard to get the engine sound just right.

For the F SPORT model, we wanted a more emotional engine sound, so we electronically developed a note that sounds great acoustically.

See new images of the NX turbo engine and some short comments in the video below.

Thanat Viktor Sawasdisopakul: What makes the NX stand out from its rivals compared to others?

TAKEAKI AUTO: The NX offers the full package. It's sporty and compact, but has plenty of back seat leg room and luggage space compared to other compact crossovers.

We also spared no expense on the leather and stitching. To see the luxurious Dark Rose interior color of the F SPORT version and my answer, watch the video below.

Day 2:

Peter Weiss & Lasse J. Nordvik: Are the turbo and hybrid both all-wheel drive? How do they work?

TAKEAKI AUTO: See new video of the NX undergoing testing and my answer to this question below

Saaki: What color would look best in the NX?

TAKEAKI AUTO: I think all the colors are great, but my personal favorite is Sonic Quartz, which is a new and unique white color that we spent a lot of time developing.

Although it is pure white, the finish has a crisp metallic quality that brings out the shadows and angles of the sides and compliments the design of the NX overall. Also, the contrast between the white body and black wheels looks really great.

Day 3:​

Luis Fonseca: What inspired you to create a beautiful car like this one?

TAKEAKI AUTO: Usually this kind of vehicle is a sedan and SUV crossover, but for the NX, I envisioned something different - a SPORTS CAR and SUV crossover.

To me, the NX is almost like a raised sports car. It has a sharp, sporty body, built for an on-road, sporty lifestyle. The "S" in SUV stands for both sports car and on road sports.

Justin French-Brooks: Does the NX have a soft, luxurious driving seat? Lexus now seems to prefer a hard German-style seat. Why?

TAKEAKI AUTO: A lot of thought was put into the design of the NX seats, even the color, as color can greatly affect the way seats look.

I think we have been able to make the seats of the NX both look good and feel great. Please be sure to test them out!

Watch video of the seats in the NX below.

Day 4:​

Akshay Mahesh: Is there any new information on the hybrid NX 300h powertrain, driver assistance technology, and the remote touch interface? By the way, the headlights look amazing!

TAKEAKI KATO: Thank you for your comments.

The NX hybrid model uses Lexus Hybrid Drive fully, offering smooth and seamless driving. We also added a “kick down” switch that delivers added power when necessary.

As you mentioned, the hybrid model has bold, 3-lens LED headlamps and an RTI touchpad. I think that all these features together help make the NX hybrid a very innovative SUV.

Please watch my video message below.

@JOJOMOTTER: How do you differentiate the NX with the RX?

TAKEAKI KATO: Both vehicles have the same innovation and finesse of Lexus.

One customer could choose the RX for its elegant, stately, sophisticated shape, just as another customer might want the NX for its edgy, dynamic personality.

Customers might have a difficult time choosing between the two, but at Lexus we want to provide as many options as possible.

Day 5:​

Ikenna Nwosu: I am curious when development started on what became the Lexus NX. Also, how long ago was the exterior design approved?

TAKEAKI KATO: See my answer to this question and more information on the development of the NX below.

@Steve Luzovich: What are the audio options? How many cup holders? Are there plans to offer a plug-in hybrid version of the NX?

TAKEAKI KATO: We've designed a whole new console area, so please be sure to see it for yourself if you get a chance.

To hear about the audio options and the cup holders, watch the video below.

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