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Some info about the tire sizes for NX sold in Japan-- it could be subject to change.

"ホイールに関しては、F SPORT専用の18インチアルミと、同じデザインで、スポーク内側を黒に塗装した無料オプションがあります。
写真や動画で出ているF SPORTは黒塗装が多いのと、無料オプションという事もあって、黒塗装にする人が多いのでしょうが、
ということで、F SPORT標準のままにしました。

F SPORT標準はタイヤサイズが235/55R18ですが、

For NX F-Sport sold in Japan -

18" wheel is standard. There are two choices of wheels which are of the same design but vary in the colour of the area inside the spokes -- one is silver and the other one is painted with black inside the spokes.

For the regular one, the tire size is 235/55R18

For the one with blackened inner spokes is considered a free option but the tire size would be 225/60R18.

It would be interesting to see how Lexus US and Lexus Canada treat these two types of wheels. Probably one is considered as an option wheel so that they can charge $$$.
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