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Jalopnik has it's buyer's guide for the Lexus NX published. It tells you all about the vehicle, and also tries to guide you in if you should buy it, or if you should consider something else. Here are some quotes from the article to give you a little preview, and you can find the full article below through the link.

The Lexus NX still privileges comfort over sportiness with a suspension that’s only slightly aggressive. Zipping around streets in your neighborhood and the NX feels quick (if you manual shift) when you get the revs up with decent grip for quick turns, but push it too hard and it’ll remind you it’s a still a taller and heavier version of a hatchback with a lot of roll and lean.
Lexus offers two engines in their NX. The NX200t gets a 2.0-liter turbo I4 that Lexus designed in-house. Yes, it’s Lexus’s first-ever turbo gasoline engine. Exciting stuff. That engine gets bolted to a six-speed automatic transmission.
The “base” version of this car comes with the best engine so you’re good getting the cheapest model you can find on the lot, but if you’re buying something as wild looking as the NX you should just go all out and get the NX200t F Sport with its better seats. Add in AWD and the premium/navigation package and it’s nearly $42,000 with fees for a nice Toyota RAV4, which seems like a lot but don’t forget that this is a really nice Toyota RAV4.
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