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Interface mostly dreadful

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While I love my new NX350h - that I waited 6 months for- the Interface to the massive screen is simply terrible.
With all the screen real estate, why do we have to drill into most menus to make things happen?

Why dont I see current MPG SOMEWHERE on either screen- always there. I mean isn't this the reason for being for this vehicle?

To tune a direct station on Sirius XM- I have to press 3 buttons to get there- ridiculous.

I really dont want to use car play when listening to music on the Iphone because the interface doesn't allow me to view all songs- only recently played.
So I plug in an old Ipod that has 6000 songs on it, or I simply turn CarPlay off on my Iphone. And do I get to scan all my songs on that Ipod or Iphone in the Lexus music interface? Nope I cant! Unbelievable. If any of you have some hints here and if I am wrong, I will be the first to recant. But I am pretty sure that one cant see their library.

Favorites are either represented as squares in the middle- right of the screen- they can also be on the laft of the screen- however I can find no way to organize them and move stations up or down by holding and dragging/. As I put new Favorites in- they always go to the top- I dont want them at the top- I have 5 favorite stations AM/FM/Sirius and I want to see these 5 on the top of my favorites list- how do I do that?

So many others where we have to press 1-3 more buttons that we shouldnt have to- its just ridiculous.

They offer over the air updates I think Maybe one day they will scrap what they have now and give us something more thought threw and take advantage of that massive screen.

Does anyone feel the same way or am I missing things about the interface that makes it easier that I am stating.?

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