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Hyundai's Intrado concept is also pretty cool looking

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Hyundai's Intrado concept will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The preview pictures show us that Hyundai has taken some risks with this crossover concept. It reminds me of the Lexus NX concept since they are both crossovers, and they both are very forward looking designs.

The body of the Intrado is made from super lightweight steel taken straight from Hyundai's own steel plant, with a central carbon frame. This concept is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with a 36kWh battery, capable of being refueled in just a few minutes., and offering a range of around 370 miles.

Do you see this comparing to the Lexus NX?

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The rear glass hatch part of it reminds me of the Infiniti Q30. Once again the Korea's are only good at making a mash up design consisting of good designs from the competition
Its cool that Hyundai was able to create a coupe-like roofline while still keeping 4 doors and what appears to be a good amount of back seat head space.

I think its pretty clear that this design will be toned down quite a bit before it makes production. I hope they keep the shape of the rear in tact for the production model, and I would include the taillights in that as well.
Rear headroom is what they seem to have not sacrificed on but with that comes a roof line thats not as nice.
interesting concept. would like to know what the engine options are.
interesting concept. would like to know what the engine options are.
A video I watched on it said it's a hydrogen engine, so water comes out of it's exhaust pipe ;)
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