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Hud & panoramic view in usa

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Anyone know when the Heads Up Display (HUD) & Panoramic View features will be offered on USA models?

I went to order at the dealer but found these features are not available although they were being touted on Lexus NX websites before the car finally came available for purchase.
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Seeing how the industry is here in america im sure it will if it isn't already available.
it would be a big mistake if lexus leaves out HUD systems
I don't think that the HUD is something that is high on my priority list though. I see it as more of a gimmick. Cool to see at an auto show, but not something that I really feel I need in my car.
at this point it's becoming more and more of an industry standard, bound to happen.
I could see the HUD being more useful in a self-driving car when that whole thing gets off the ground. i just find having all this stuff going on while you are trying to drive to be excessive. I think I'd prefer to just look through the windshield.
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