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My Wife and I recently traded her 2016 Acadia in on a 2016 NX200t in the DFW, TX area.The Acadia had more room, and was more family friendly for our two children, but was presenting itself to being less than reliable. Thus, we took a trip to a local stealership to get the issue on the Acadia diagnosed, and found ourselves at the pre owned lot. The Matador Red NX200t sat among other SUVs and really stole our eye. We looked at other SUVs including many variants of the 4Runner (SR5, Limited), which have always had a soft spot in our hearts, along with a small Mercedes SUV. After many test drives, and factoring the value of buying a 4Runner VS the NX200t, we decided the NX200t was a better choice. The Mercedes never had a chance. I have a buddy who is a service writer at a Mercedes dealer. I notified him on the model Mercedes SUV we were looking at. He recommended we buy the Lexus instead.

When comparing the 4Runner, the Lexus has a much nicer interior, more compliant ride, and was a better value dollar for dollar. Not to mention the advantage in fuel mileage. We both love our "new to us" car, and look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.
Thank you for your attention.
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