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Hello from California

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Just wanna say hello to everyone. Im just signed up to forum. I got my white NX200t last month.

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Enjoy our new NX. Welcome to the forum.
Remember that a NX is not a baby RX and is not aimed at the same customers.
Welcome to the forum!

Fortunately you live in Cali since during winter time white cars can look dirty and quick during times when there's a lot of slush on the roads.
Glad to have you on the forum. It would be awesome if you could upload a picture of your NX.

Let us know what you like or dislike about the NX.

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Also in for seeing pictures and on the topic of pictures there are color specific picture threads you can post pictures of what ever color NX you have.
Thanks guys, Im still fighting with a vibration problem that I got from day 1 ( I have couple posts about it). I just realized I never took any pictures of my car, and this is very good reason to fix my mistake.

This is my first white car I ever owned and I really hope it will not get as dirty as my other dark colored vehicles.
I will have some photos tomorrow.

I will definitely compose a nice post about what I likes what no, but right now my main dislike is that wheel problem I got. I feel vibration on freeway speed.
Tow different Lexus dealers did balance tires but still the same. Im starting to think it may be bad tire or wheel.

Thanks again!!!

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