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Heads-Up-Display contents NX200T

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It says in the owner's manual that the heads up display will show the speed, one other item such as rpm and the posted speed limit. I can get everything to work properly except I can not get the speed limit to show in the HUD. The speed limit will show on the navigation map and on the instrument panel but not on the HUD. Is this proper or am I missing something?
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I wonder if it has anything to do with where you are located.
Don't know. I don't think so as the speed limit shows up on the nav screen and also on the instrument panel. My wife said she saw it during a demo drive but possibly could be wrong. The salesman said he has never seen it but why would they put it in the owner's manual if it doesn't work. I may have to call Lexus support.
I really have no idea, but I was just thinking that perhaps that function might only work in the US or something like that. Perhaps it just doesn't have the speed limits in Canada or your particular area of Canada programmed in. Again though, I don't have any concrete answer for you.
Not sure where you're located but it's quite possible that they don't have your part of Canada logged in like mentioned above, maybe checking with your dealership might reveal this.
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