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Hello. I'm a new new owner of a Lexus NX350h as of May 2022. Generally very happy with the car, although I would have loved the same general package (i.e. 4WD hybrid) in a nice Euro-wagon type configuration. Not sure why Toyota (Lexus) doesn't see this as a no-brainer.

Anyway, there are a few advantages to the SUV style, including easy entry/exit for a 60 year-old guy that sometimes gets a sore back.

However, 4 things:

  1. I seemed to have a bit of pushback on getting an oil change at my first 6-month service interval. I specifically asked for one but had to schedule another appointment to get it done. I realize that the oil change interval is 16K kilometres, but the engine was probably just broken in and so an oil changes seemed to make sense and some people are a bit leery of oil change interval of that length. Anyway, for $140 CAD I think it's worth it.
  2. I detected some rust on the seam at the bottom left corner of my rear lift door (re: the seem between the 2-inch bottom strip and the upper part). I brought it to the attention of the dealership and they indicated that they took pictures and sent them off presumable to Lexus Canada. This bit of rust appeared essentially after my first drive in briny/salty conditions. Not a good sign, but there seems to be no sign of further issues at this time. I'll keep you informed.
  3. My tech/infotainment system does seem to have a few things that weren't all that well thought out, but I won't try to remember or describe them now. However, and I believe this is a known issue, there seems to be a serious problem trying to get my iPhone to connect through Apple Autoplay. Sometimes it works without issue, but sometimes the only way I can get the connection to happen, is to completely stop, turn off and restart the car. And then it almost always connects without issue. Weird and apparently still mystifying to Lexus as the dealership seemed to be aware of the problem and didn't seem to have any obvious fix for it.
  4. Finally, and I'd like to know if anybody has experience similar problems with rattling/squeaking. I recently went on the longest road trip so far, so I had an extended period to listen to the car. There is an intermittent but obvious and often rattle somewhere in the dash. I'll describe the sound/rattle as sounding something like a Geiger counter. I will bring this to the attention of the dealership, but I'm concerned that it'll be a bit of a battle given it's intermittent nature and that it seems to be coming from 'somewhere' in the dash. I expect I'll be keeping this car for many, many years and this tends to counter the otherwise decent sound quality from the sound system. There may also be a rattle in the driver-side door, but I'm still monitoring it. So, I'd be really interested to know if anybody has experienced / is experiencing any similar issues.
Thanks and happy driving, Ken.
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