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I am new to this forum.

I bought my NX Sports Series III three months ago and the behavior of front suspension really put me highly in doubt if it is really normal...

When I got my NX on the first few days, I already noticed that whenever I passed through any speed bumps, the suspension/shocks seemed to have something loosen and I felt obviously that it dropped one of its big components down back to the ground (i.e. after passing over the top of speed dump even slowly + speed bumps are not high). I meant it is not like when we drive a regular car/SUV to pass through speed bumps, it should be something as smooth as it supposed to be...

When I had my first 1500KM check-up, I did specifically mention to the Lexus service center on this weird issue, they said they would check and finally claimed the issue is normal but when I looked at their task items and the report details later on, it did not show anything checked-up related to my specific worry. Therefore, I doubt if they did really check for me and now for the last 3 months, every day I pass through the speed dumps, I am hesitant and be very careful as I do not know if it is indeed an issue there which may further damage the suspension system.

While await until my 6th month check-up, may I check with any of you here if you know about this issue and if so, any recommendation that I should do ? Or do you think I might just being too worried ?

Thanks for help and look forward to any of your comment :)
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