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For discounts?

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So my NX 300h will arrive this coming Monday. I text my sales guys today about him discounting off the MSRP and his response was:

"I understand where you're coming from, and I've seen about 20 NX300h's leave this dealership and I have friends at Sewell and other dealerships in Texas and I know 99%of them were not discounted at all. The market really does not justify discounting it... I searched and this atomic silver with black is the ONLY 1 in the US with similar equipment. If you have a trade-in or want some Lexus parts I can get you some or a little more for your trade-in, but honestly i can't discount this car. I will try 1 more time and see if I can get you something off but I'm almost positive it will be a for sure no... But feel free to pick out some accessories, and some stuff from our parts boutique that you like. Do you like oakleys or ray ban sunglasses?"

So does that mean I have a 1% chance of a discount or am I out of luck?
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Heard the same thing from both Sewell and ParkPlace dealerships when I was buying mine. I ended up negotiating a $,1000 increase on the trade-in vehicle which came with this big ole story about how they would only be able to list it for X amount of dollars etc etc. Of course when they did list it, it was for nearly $2000 more than the maximum number they told me. I hope whomever purchases it plays hardball pricing with them. They never once offered any accessories or parts during this whole process.

I have to admit, compared to my two previous Lexus purchases, this one was much less enjoyable all around. I guess it comes with buying a vehicle where supply cannot meet demand.

Enjoy your new Lexus!
My car didn't get delivered today but will tomorrow. All my sales guy did was take off $418 off the $51,418 MSRP. Intend to trade a 2009 Accord; he originally gave me $11,000; then $11,500; and now finally $12,000 but this time with no accessories at all anymore. He did keep his promise about a 1.9% rate though.

Also, CARMAX intended to only pay $10,500 for my Accord. So I was surprised my dealer is willing to pay a little more.

The thing that got me is after telling me I could have whatever throw-ins I wanted now he's taking them away after giving me $500 more for my trade-in.

Please, anyone with advice its definitely appreciated. I've never been good at negotiating.
The NX is a super hot car right now. We lucked out and visited our dealership early on a Saturday morning in Jan when they were unloading 6 NXs (all were orders except for a 300h and the 200t F Sport in Nebula Gray that we ended up buying). I love to negotiate and thought I could get a better deal on the lot than placing an order (Our original plan). They put a "deal pending" sign on the car while we were negotiating, but I knew negotiating MSRP down was a no-go with all the people asking about "our" car and sticking around to see if the deal would collapse. I negotiated on the trade-in of our 2000 RX300 and got high KBB, but it took a lot of extra time. If MSRP and/or the trade-in isn't working you can also negotiate for other services like additional free scheduled maintenance visits on top of the standard first year. Never hurts to ask and get creative. On the bright side, even if you pay MSRP you are among the first to get a car that's in super high demand (that has some extra intrinsic value too).
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I live in Canada so situation is different. Here's my "story."

I got a mail offer of a $1000 voucher from my dealership if I surrender my RX350, almost 14 months before lease expiry. Went in on a particular date indicated in the offer, negotiated another $3000 reduction from list price. On top of that, i got 2 free scheduled maintenance, free first month payment and a $100 voucher for accessories. I couldn't be happier although I got an NX instead of an RX.
Not surprised by the lack of discounts and/or the poor discounts offered especially considering how much we're paying for these.

But I bet how sales people see it, we're paying as much as we are and can afford to pay in full an even more, so because we own a "LEXUS!" they want to milk every penny they can.
It's becoming harder and harder to get discounts nowadays. Dealers are trying to make the most profit possible from each car they sell. Discounts result in them make less profit on commission. I would just take the Ray Bans and some accessories ;)
No point in discounting a vehicle that you know someone else will be willing to pay full price for. You can't really argue with the logic of it. The dealer does sound pretty honest with you. Maybe the best thing to do would be to look more deeply into the accessories and parts. At least you might be able to get some added value from that.

If you want a discount you should buy a car from FCA. :p
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