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1. 300h AWD models will receive special dampers to handle rough roads...woohoo, Rubicon trail anyone? Lol.

2. Full LED lighting up front (and rear), including high beams, turn signals, etc..

3. Nice big side mirrors!

4. Nice good Michelin tires MXM4.

5. Nice (relatively) clean underbody...exhaust being the lower point.

6. NuLux materials.

7. Memory driver's seat...heating and ventilation both front seats.

8. Powered steering wheel adjustment...with tilt away when getting out.

9. Where is HOMELINK?

10. Backseat adjustible for recline! Nice.

Is it me but does the NX seem NOISY for you guys?? Engine noise seems quite intrusive as does road/wind noise. I know that this is pre-production vehicle, but if it is noisy then that is a deal-killer for me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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