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First time for a Lexus

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We bought a Lexus NX200t for my wife to drive back in June. Never owed a Lexus before, so far a great car. Maybe she will let me drive it once in a while!:) We are in the Phoenix, Arizona area
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What vehicles have you guys owned in the past?
Congrats on the first Lexus!

Have you guys already started to think about what changes you want to make on it, even things as simple as window tints?
Welcome to the forum.

Your wife gets a Lexus, but what are you driving these days?

Thinking of making your next car a Lexus as well?
I got the hand me down which is a Chevy Traverse. Jeep Liberty is another vehicle we had for while. It's nice to have the Traverse when we have to carry (grand kids) a lot of people. But the Lexus is great for us and another couple.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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