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Door Handle Courtesy (puddle) lights

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2016 NX 200t Door Handle Courtesy Lamps (puddle lights) are not illuminating. Can't find any way to program a setting thru the Display Audio Controller (not equipped with Navigation). Is the dealership the only resource to solve this problem?
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Puddle lights on my NX only illuminate when the Key FOB gets close to the NX and if the doors are locked. Manual states the dealer can program the Outer foot lights (Puddle lights) but only to make them Long or Short. I would talk to the tech specialist or service advisor at the dealership about the issue.
I noticed this morning if my doors are unlocked the Puddle lights illuminate when I touch the outside door handle. When the doors are locked it illuminates when you get close to the NX. I think you can't be in an area with much light for them to illuminate.
Here's a quote from the Dealership's Technology Specialist regarding Door Handle Courtesy lamps on my 2016 NX 200t AWD;

"from what I can tell the puddle lamps aren't on any available NX unit across the board. Not sure why Lexus chose to omit them from the NX models, but that was the response I got from the factory. I'm sorry I couldn't bring you some good news!"

The vehicle's new car sticker lists; "Door Handle Courtesy Lamps and Tail Lights" as a STANDARD FEATURE.
So, do I believe the sticker or the dealer?

I took delivery of my NX on February 26, 2016. Anyone out there with a NX with a similar build date that has functioning puddle lights?
Call Lexus and talk to a Tech Specialist. Website states below.

Unique door-pocket LEDs housed behind the door handles help deliver a sophisticated entrance into the cockpit.
Standard On: NX 300h, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 200t

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