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Curious curious.

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I am about buy Nx200t this Saturday.

I have so many questions but I'm sure all of you in this forum knows better than others around me.

1. We all know 2016 nx200 will be released soon.. Should I wait for 2016 or buy 2015nx? I am getting some discount, but will it be better to wait a bit?

2. I test drove nx couple days ago. the drive was awsome but before I drive, I felt the vibration on my foot when I started the engine. Same vibration was felt on the second nx. Just to check if I'm too sensitive, I started my friends car (Ford Taurus), and there were none. Did anyone feel this vibration?

3. Would 200t better or nx200t Fsport? I'm still hesitating which one to buy. Fsport look sexier outside but limited options like ventilated seats. NX has lots of good options but don't have the "iconic" lighting and has pointy front.
Can anyone suggest me which one is better??
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Can't really help you decide between the 200t better or nx200t Fsport but it shouldn't vibrate at start up. The one other mention of vibration on the forum is when someone was accelerating between 45 to 65 and it could have been caused by the axle. Here's the relevant thread:

Did you mention this to the salesperson while test driving the car?
I mentioned it to the dealer and he said, "then you'll have to buy a LS"

I should have let him feel it at the driver's seat.
Umm, you should be able to get a car that doesn't vibrate without spending $90k+ on the LS. Even an entry level Toyota shouldn't vibrate. That's not luxury, it's just a properly working vehicle.
I think the biggest difference other than the grill between the regular 200t and F-Sport would be the suspension. The F-Sport suspension is more performance tuned, so it will be a harder ride. That was the biggest media criticism of the NX, that it had a harsh ride for being a Lexus. They should have rode the normal version as well, but they judged them both having only been in the F-Sport. I have the regular 200t, which I don't think is that harsh a ride, so there must be a noticeable difference. Also the seats are more bolstered in the F-Sport, that you can feel as soon as you sit inside. The normal 200t has too much bolstering up too high into your shoulders, so I can't imagine how restrictive the seats are in the F-Sport! The bolstering being too high up and restrictive, is my only criticism of the vehicle. There is no difference in performance. The engine sound is artificially enhanced within the F-Sport, which I think is ridiculous! The wheel choices are better in the F-Sport too.
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I am coming from a BMW X1 M Sport. I find that the 4 in the NX does have some minor vibration compared to the 6 in the BMW. The ride of my F Sport is very similar to the M Sport. Your concern about ventilated seats should not be much of a consideration as they are only blown and not AC cooled. I do like the looks of the F Sport better than the 200t or the 300h. When you compare other vehicles in this price range the NX looks like a deal.
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I am about buy Nx200t this Saturday.
Which one did you end up going with?
I suppose if he/she decided on a 2016 model then they might not have bought one at all over the weekend. I am curious to find out though.
I decided to go with NX200t.
I got it 3days ago and sofar, it is just perfect.
Oh and it was 2015. I was able to get it a bit cheaper because it's 2015. Plus, the design is same as 2016.

I really love it !
Congratulations! What trims did you get? We wouldn't say no to a few pictures either. ;)
2015 NX Vibrations

Yes the vehicle does vibrates. I can confirm that. I am being told by Lexus that this is a "normal operating characteristic of this model."

I just went through Arbitration and am awaiting their verdict; however, I am being told by Lemon Lawyers, that as it relates to the NCDS, "hope for the best, expect the worst."

Tomorrow I will post my communications with Lexus, and Independent Diagnostic Reports, on this vehicle - which confirm that the 2015 NX 200t is in effect, defective.

I also plan on posting them on social media to show Lexus the power of social media, and let the court of Public opinion judge them.

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As I mentioned before, I have taken it to my #Lexus dealer to fix the Vibration issue. After 5 attempts - I was told that, "the vibrations doesn't substantially impairs the use, safety, or value" and "is a normal characteristic of this particular model."

I was referred by #Lexus to the Arbitration body, National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS), who basically rubber stamped Lexus.

Please find below, the Independent Report from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE); yet i should accept this "feature"



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Have you been going to just one Lexus dealer or have you tried others?

Contacting Lexus USA might help in getting this resolved or at least with them possibly sending an engineer out to inspect it.
Bring the Independent Report to the dealership adn demand that they fix the problem or try another dealership. It shouldn't be a normal characteristic.
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Bring the Independent Report to the dealership adn demand that they fix the problem or try another dealership. It shouldn't be a normal characteristic.
I've noticed independent reports don't get taken as seriously on a dealer level.

To me it seems like something that's better taken to the higher up's and even to social media, have to find some way to get them to listen in.
If you want to try social media, Lexus has a facebook page you can post it on.
It won't get any visibility there, usually those comments end up in a small comment box that is hard to see.
Just purchase 2017 NX Fsport and same vibration, i really don't know what to do? It's getting annoying, any update from you? Did Lexus find a way to fix this?
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