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I want to get the forum's opinion on this.....

I'm looking at 2 certified pre-owned Lexus NX 200t FWD vehicles. Both have the same level of added packages and features. Both have been used in the loaner pool of my local Lexus dealer. When these cars get 5-10k miles on them, they pull them from the loaner pool and sell them as used/certified pre-owned. One is a 2015 model with 7800 miles, and the other is 2016 with 7700 miles. The 2015 happens to be the color combination I prefer. I could live with the 2016, but 2015 is my fave. There's a very small price difference, with the 2015 being slightly cheaper but not enough to worry about....$1000.

How would you view these 2 cars? they have the same mileage, but one is a 2 yr old car versus 1 yr old. There are no other significant differences....they look/drive identical inside & out aside from colors. The biggest variant will be time left on warranty and that depends on date car was put into service. With CPO, you get 2 years added to the original warranty, and I can extend that bumper-to-bumper warranty out to 100,000 miles or 10 years if I choose.

Is the 1 year model year difference significant enough to pick the newer one that's not my color choice?
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