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Build your NX - now on the web site

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Awesome, it's about time they got this up and running, lots of great official information to be had their.

people here should start posting their configurations.
We just purchased the nx 300h today.. Spent the entire day w the saleman.. FIRST we brought in the ONLINE BUILD SHEET RIGHT off the net. We did not have a package on our ONLINE built rather we chose ALACART.. Salesman said right out The factory WILL NOT BUILD WHAT WE WANTED BECAUSE WE DID NOT CHOOSE LUX OR PREM PACKAGE. We told him we would wait what ever it took to get what we wanted to ALACART ORDER......He said factory will no
Same problem

This "build you own" is the worst ever. The package concept does not let the buyer have what he wants, but what they want to give.
Lexus can do better!
That is really the truth.. it is a sales tool that causes the buyers to think that by building and printing out the build sheet ( which we did just two days ago) took it into the dealer.When we handed it to the Salesman he factually said that the car we built Would not be built by the factory, and THEY WOULD NOT ORDER IT FOR US. So we went ahead and just purchased our nx 300h with lots of over priced options we did no have on our sheet...
I've noticed the build process for the F Sport has multiple issues with packages and options. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.
So the factory just refuses to build those cars? Is it that there is a rule that they won't or are they just choosing not to? Are they even allowed to do that?
They seem to have the packages set up by regions. I am told these cars are all made in Japan and shipping costs
do not justify special orders. It may take about a year to fill the pipelines with enough variations to meet individual needs.:(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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