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Broken side mirror?

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**** happens.. I broke my left side mirror while backing and scratching the left side of the car into a wall.. the mirror is now "hanging" in its place. Not clearly visible that it is broken. But it does move abnormally freely when any force is applied. However the electronics are still working. Eg. Switching to R does make the mirror adjust down. Pressing a preset seat position and the mirror was also electronically adjusting quite well.

Driving through the speed bumps will also cause the mirror to shake up and down a little.

Is it still safe to drive? Don't want the mirror to drop on the road.
Am I supposed to go back to the dealer to fix this or are other auto repair shops just fine? Not sure if I'm gonna get ripped by the dealer or something..

I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Any advise is appreciated.


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A good body shop should be OK. You will want to talk to your insurance as mirrors can be very expensive. If you are worried about it falling off a little duct tape will work temporality.
Just make sur eyou go to a good body shop, dont' wnat to come out with issues on the paint and having ot go back.

Read reviews and check with delaers to see who they recommend.
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