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1. NX200t vs NX300h: Which one is Best for You? [w/Poll] (

Now that we have official specs on the NX 200t ( & 300h (, it’s time to decide:
Are you better off with a Hybrid or a Turbo? Naturally this becomes more a question of who are you than what vehicle. How do you drive, not HOW like you think your James Hunt's reincarnate, but how is in where to, how often, average miles per year.

Which NX makes the most sense for you, 200t or 300h?


2. Lexus NX, Audi Q3 or Mercedes-Benz GLA? (

Lexus finally heats up the compact SUV/crossover-utility vehicle (CUV) segment later this year with it’s all-new NX, a HOT compact SUV aimed to compete likes of Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA.
Does the new NX have what it takes to make you step into your local Lexus dealership and sign off on one, or could one these German rivals be your next compact SUV? Join the discussion HERE! (HERE -


3. The Lexus NX far more than a fancy Toyota Rav4. (
Although the all-new Lexus NX is Rav4-based, it’s far more than a fancy version of it’s Toyota cousin.

Lexus NX Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato goes into some details…
Lexus NX Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato has spent 28 years in vehicle development at Toyota, starting in advanced safety engineering and later overseeing development of the second-generation Lexus IS sedan and the current RX crossover.
The new NX compact cross-over was a different animal. At the vehicle's press launch in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kato spoke with Staff Reporter Mark Rechtin about the challenge.
A visual comparison of the of the two can be seen here:


4. Lexus NX Configurator goes Live, Configure Yours (

Now you can finally see what the NX will look like inside in out and get a much better idea of what exactly you want to go with.
Lexus FINALLY got a configurator up for us to play around with. However, unfortunately it's not a full configurator that includes options, accessories, packages, pricing and all that good stuff. Instead, you get to select through a number of exterior and interior options such as colors, wheel options, trim, seat upholstery & more.

Included in the configurator is a 360° View of the NX.

5. Lexus NX Chief Engineer Answers Questions About Development (

Hear what Lexus NX Chief Engineer, Takeaki Kato had to say in response to 10 questions asked about the NX:
Before the Beijing Auto Show began, we asked for your questions about the new Lexus NX. Chief Engineer of the NX, Takeaki Kato, picked 10 of them and is answering two each day
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