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2020 NX300 brake failed (just once so far)

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Wednesday morning, Nov 13, -10 deg C, I warmed up my 2020 NX300 (got only 960 km on odometer). It has winter tires equipped. After driving around 7 min, stopped at 3 STOP sign with snow and ice, and stopped at 2 Traffic lights. Then, in a residential area with speed limit 40 km/h. At a cross junction ALLWAY STOP sign, I tried to apply brake prepare to slow/stop, I found my foot like pressing on concrete - NO BRAKE. The NX kept "rolling", and shot over the cross junction, I kept stamping the brake paddle. After a few seconds more, the brake came back just like normal. Luckily there has no other car or pedestrian. After that incident, no more brake fail again. I brought the vehicle back to dealership for emergency examination. Their mechanic test drove the vehicle with me, then OBD computer checked but found no error/alert.

It was so scarily when you found stamping on the NX brake paddle just like stamping on concrete. I was sweated, and my wife sat next to me can't say a word. A brand new 2020 NX !!!

Anyone has similar experience?
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