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2015 Lexus NX200t Jumpstart Issue

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Greetings all -

Any feedback would be appreciated... We are in the process of trading our Lexus in for another. We recently prepped the vehicle, and kept it in the garage; while we turned it over a few times and took it out to keep the battery charged, it has been sitting for the past two weeks and will no longer turn over. We initially heard the typical starter noise associated with a struggling battery and as a result, I proceeded with a trickle charge for two days to recharge it. When I came back to turn it over, the vehicle was stone cold with no response, no interior/accessory lights, etc. I then attempted to jump start the vehicle with the same charger and there was absolutely no response.

This was a first for me in terms of a vehicle not showing any response whatsoever to a 70A Jump. Am I missing something?

Any thoughts, insight or recommendations? Thanks in advance... :)
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