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2015 Lexus NX 200t F sport AWD not for larger people?

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Sounds like this car is gearing towards people that's more "fit".. I could be wrong...


"The flip side is that there's no abundance of space, particularly for front-seat occupants, who'll find that everything sort of feels like it's been shrunken around them. The average-size driver could feel the cabin us tailor-fit (which a racer might appreciate), although the low-ish roofline and narrow body could prove too snug for larger folks."
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I'm sure it'll be fine for taller folks if they adjust the seat and lower it or move it back so their head isn't touching the roof and really, nothing wrong with being a little snug. Most people don't use the full seat on an average car anyways. I'm usually partial to the left side of my driver seat, not quite sure why but I just am.
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